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Dutch MPs have demanded the Polish justice minister to investigate claims of an online black market in forged documents originating in Poland.

Journalists from the Dutch EenVandaag news program managed to purchase a forged driving license with the name of the sitting Dutch prime minister on a Polish website.
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The document only cost EUR 80.
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The website stated that the sting operation was not directed against the Polish justice administration, but was aimed to point out the problem of easy access to forged driving licenses in the Netherlands, which may lead to more road accidents.

The operation was carried out via an by the Dutch truck drivers’ association.

“There are many dangerous maneuvers on our roads,” a member of the association said, “we see drivers turning around on highways, drivers who cannot park, who push others off the road.”

“Such terrible situations occur too often, and we are very concerned about safety.”

Context Ars Links With To News Fake Youtube Fight Real And wxz8qXBX Dutch PM Mark Rutte received the forged plastic document – bearing his name, date of birth, and picture – from the journalists. MPs from the ruling Dutch VVD party have demanded an explanation from the Polish Justice Minister, Zbigniew Ziobro.

Mr Rutte said that the website selling forged driver’s licenses should be taken down.

Polish authorities is yet to comment on the case.

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The organization responsible for issuing driver’s licenses in the Netherlands stated that it had no idea about the scope of this practice. Reports show that the organization checks 25,000 documents are checked annually, with between 50-100 fake licenses between confiscated every year.

Poland In English found several websites with a .pl domain name which offered fake IDs, driver's licenses for passenger vehicles, motorbikes and trucks, as well as temporary residence permits and student cards. The websites contain a disclaimer that the cards are collector’s items, and should not be used as official identification.

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Feds Truth Websites Over With In ' Dating Settle Cupids 'virtual 6r8pq6xw Feds Truth Websites Over With In ' Dating Settle Cupids 'virtual 6r8pq6xw
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