Potential improvements for UK Driving licences.

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Potential improvements for UK Driving licences.

Post by debo420 » Wed Aug 15, 2018 3:55 am

The UK licence currently is the best we could have it. However, there is some issues that are still unresolved which if it is possible to do, the community would appreciate greatly.
Our current issues regarding our fake Driving Licences from IDGOD are as follows:
  • Glossy materials - Depending on how experienced the person reviewing the card, some will straight up be able to notice that these cards are too glossy. The real DLs are not actually glossy like the american cards but more like the V1 Driving licence cards that g0d made. The first UK licence g0d made material-wise was actually ok. Other issues were on that card and they were solved soon enough with the V1.1, however after the 1.1 was produced, the material was changed to a gloss finish which we still have on our V2 cards. I know that g0d tried to change the materials to something less glossy but this caused the card to become majorly bendy. Something that the real UK licence isn't and bendiness is almost certainly a sign a card is fake in the UK.
  • Raised text and other security features on the front side - There are a few security features on the front side of the UK Driving licence. There is a wheel hologram (Doesn't need to be altered). There is the 2 long curvy lines that cross over, the steering wheel underneath the flag, the UnitedKingdom wavey text over the EU flag, and the raised text on the surname, the date on the photograph, and the AM/B/f/k/q line. An issue with these cards is that the security features other than the hologram can be scratched off almost effortlessly even by just wallet insertions. A way to combat this done by another vendor was to laminate over the raised text so it is still bumped up (So you can feel the raised text) however almost impossible to scratch off with a light scratch or wallet insertions due to the fact it is underneath the laminate. Another issue regarding the raised text is that the colours are too dark on the surname. It needs a slightly lighter shade of black to match the real driving licences.
  • Lenticular image - This is one of the biggest giveaways on the card and any bouncer who will look at the back of the card will almost instantly know what they are looking at if they know what a lenticular image should look like. The current lenticular image is just your ID photo and a date pasted over one another. A way to make this lenticular image look more realistic would be to fade the ID photograph or the date to make it seem closer to the lenticular hologram effect on the back of a real Driving licence. A good job was done by a past vendor who no longer has any operations running and I could source a photograph of it from our forums without mentioning who it was to give a general idea of how a lenticular image should appear on a fake ID. instead of a date pasted over your face.

    (Credit to Wilk007, moderator of the UK forum for contributing a photo of his fake on a thread that I am using as an example for what a lenticular should look like.)
  • Corner cutting - The curved corners on cards appear to be getting cut wrongly as of recent. I've noticed 2 batches with badly cut corners and this can cause the laminate to raise and ruin our cards trying to DIY fix them. I'm not 100% on how this issue could be fixed but I'm just wanting to clarify that this issue has been ongoing as of recently.
  • Boxed ID photograph - On a real driving licence, there is a box effect to the photograph for the ID. I've had cards come with a box effect and without. I would like IDGOD to keep adding this box effect to the ID photograph and perhaps strengthen the box ever so slightly. When you have no box over the template anybody strongly looking at the card may be able to notice this. However, it's not as much a cause for concern as scratching off raised text or the lenticular situation we face. We have a sort of grey box on our ID photgraphs.

    As shown above there is a box on the ID photograph. It's not intensely strong and I've had a card with a box effect like this but I've had cards that have no box effect and just look like a pasted png of my head. (This also shows how the Raised text is a lighter shade of black, thankfully.)

    I hope the idg0d team can work with the UK community to improve their cards so we don't have to pester you lot for reprints as much as I think we probably do. Any of the improvements I listed here would be superb for our driving licences and may decrease the amount of reprints we require from you.

    This is all I could think of and if the rest of the community would like to point out other issues, please do in the replies but this is what I genuinely believe could be changed to improve the card. If I'm wrong about something also, please correct me in the replies. Thanks.
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Re: Potential improvements for UK Driving licences.

Post by The 's Guy Fieri Munchies Crawl themed World Inside Fiericon Only Bar tpnw55x » Wed Aug 15, 2018 2:22 pm

Perfect summary, main 3 things i would say are: 1) make the UK Driving licences less glossy, 2) make the raised text more grey (less bold/black) as well as tougher and less easy to scratch off accidentally and 3) make the cards thicker and less bendy. Cheers

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Bmol wrote:
Wed Aug 15, 2018 2:23 pm
Also there was a spell of people being extremely dissatisfied with the UK licences saying they were hardly usable. are they better now or still the same? Dont want to order unless the ID can pass haha
That was the bendy glossy card that as far as I'm aware has been reverted to the main V2 again.
Colour-wise those cards are actually pretty accurate but they just lacked material-wise.

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Re: Potential improvements for UK Driving licences.

Post by trustmeimpurple » Thu Aug 16, 2018 1:17 pm

This post is very true I really hope g0d reads this

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Re: Potential improvements for UK Driving licences.

Post by jenny22 » Mon Aug 27, 2018 10:31 am


I am saying yes for improvement in the UK driving licences because the quality of licences is not proper because word which is typed it is spread with another word and we have to wait for lots of days in new driving licences apply especially for teenagers and some other criteria improvement isn't done.

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Re: Potential improvements for UK Driving licences.

Post by Joe » Sat Sep 01, 2018 6:28 pm

Can someone tell me more about the scannable feature of the id

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